Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ponyfic Roundup 19

Before I begin today, a very warm welcome to anyone who's reached Louder Yay via the City of Doors blog. (And to others, please do have a look at that.) I try to post a Ponyfic Roundup every Wednesday, life permitting, and the calendar now tells me that it's about time I did another one. Some intriguing stories in the mix this time around, although I didn't have too much doubt about my pick of the week on this occasion.

Pick of the fics

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish by Blueshift
Lyra and Bon Bon
Slice of Life; 6K words; Jun 2014; Everyone
Disclaimer: I've met Blueshift (once, at a meet) and he's a nice guy. This story's position is fully deserved, though. A description beginning "When Lyra finds her old pet fish in the back of the freezer..." may fool you into thinking that this is silly comedy. Don't you believe it. Nostalgic, comic, sad and hopeful by turns. Pretty much impossible to fault, and so it gets – yes – 10/10!

Other stories

The Bet by King of Beggars
Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Lyra, Bon Bon and Carrot Top
Comedy; 2K words; Jul 2014; Everyone
A fun short in which Rainbow is determined to win a bet, but the world seems determined to thwart her. One of those stories which is deceptive in the amount of stuff going on. Button Mash has a great (uncredited) cameo. Loses a mark or so for using "greeted" as a straight synonym for "said", one of my pet peeves. 6/10

Equestria in Human by ocalhoun
Random/Human; 1K words; Feb 2014; Everyone
Oh, for Celestia's sake, how on earth am I supposed to review this fic? Okay... see that title up there? That's what this is about. Literally. Yes, I know. It could have been a little more rounded, even at this short length, but it works reasonably well as a quick bite of weirdness. 6/10

Perfect for Me by The Equestrian Gentlecolt
Twilight and Twilight [sic!]
Comedy/Romance; 28K words; Dec 2013; Teen
Twilight clones herself to keep up with her busy schedule. Trouble is, she starts to realise just how well she gets on with herself. A hugely enjoyable subversion of the usual shipfic stuff, with the only real blemish being a slightly unsatisfyingly vague ending. Read the extra content (linked from within the story) even if you don't like the sound of it at first. It's worth it. Really. 8.5/10

Return of Evil Belle: The Eviling by Akumokagetsu
Rarity and Sweetie Belle
Comedy; 1K words; Jan 2014; Everyone
Another installment in the Evil Belle series. This time round, the filly criminal mastermind is up against a real adversary: her big sister trying to get her to go to bed! Perhaps not quite as funny as the other two EB stories I've read (see PR 10 and PR 11), but the amusing turns of phrase should still be enough to raise a smile. 6.5/10


  1. Gasp!

    New reviews to disagree with?

    It's like Christmas come early...


    1. Oh, this sounds good! I often find that comments disagreeing with reviews are the most interesting. I'm all for going against the grain, too. After all, if we just followed the crowd, we'd all be giving "My Little Dashie" full marks...

    2. You know, being happy that InquisitorM has found you to disagree with because you like different opinions is something like being happy the atomic bomb went off nearby because you like having light to read books with.

    3. I've been in the furry fandom for a decade or so. I can probably cope. :P

  2. It's like the pony version of the Eye of Sauron has found you! We are all watching now!

    1. The Eye of, er, Stallion? Argh, can't think of a suitably terrible pony pun. My life is ruined.

  3. Just read So Long and Thanks for All the Fish. Bringing to light little-read but brilliant short-stories seems to be your speciality. I like to think that was how Lyra and Bonbon became inseparable friends.

    1. It's pushing it a bit to call that one "little-read" (though it certainly deserves more) but yes, that is one of my criteria. I like shorts, and I like giving a chance to shorts that haven't really had much of one.

  4. I am so totally jealous you got to meet Blueshift. D: Also I'm stalking your blog now, hi.

    1. One day I'll start checking my comment notifications on time. :P

      I've met Blueshift twice now, as I spoke to him a little at BUCK -- he was on the fanfic panel, unsurprisingly. ("Airshipping is Magic" was mentioned.) He's still a nice guy.