Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Top 10 pony tracks of 2013, part one

Yes, mea culpa: this is horribly, horribly late. But I did promise it would be along eventually, and here it is! If you were around when I did this last year (part 1 | part 2) you'll already have the idea. If not, or you need a reminder: these are my favourite 10 pony-related songs from last year. I define that as having a YouTube upload with a 2013 datestamp. Show music, including remixes, are not eligible for selection, though remixes of other fans' original songs are. Numbers in brackets refer to the song's place in the Everfree top 100. All title links to go YouTube.

As a note, all this means that songs which are not listed on YouTube are unfortunately unavailable for selection. One that might have had a shot at the top 10 was "Be My Fluttershy" by The Shake Ups In Ponyville. Some of their other tracks are on YouTube, but sadly not this one. You can hear it on Spotify, but I'm afraid that's not sufficient here! Oh, and I considered the wonderful "Don't Mine At Night" to be an animation, so it didn't qualify for this song list. Anyway, let's get started:

10. Shimmer On (MandoPony) [24]
MandoPony isn't fond of his music being included in ranked lists, since he thinks that's rather missing the point. I tend to agree with him, but I'm afraid this is going in here anyway! This is mostly a rap, which is a musical genre I don't like much, so why does it make my list? Mostly because of the horrifically catchy chorus.

9. Pegasus Device (SylphStorm) [1]
This synth-heavy number is effectively a sequel to the classic "Rainbow Factory", and it's a very dark song, probably even more so than its predecessor. It disturbs me too much for me to follow Everfree's listeners and place it top of my chart – but it's so very well done that I can't deny it a spot in the top ten.

8. Harmonize (Marcato Sound) [N/A]
Now here's an unfairly overlooked piece. I'm astounded that, at time of writing, it has under 1,400 views on YouTube. A thrilling instrumental, full of energy, about the great confrontation between Discord on the one side, and Celestia and Luna on the other. It was written before S4 appeared, but it still works.

7. Shadows (Aviators, ft. Glaze) [87]
Most of you know already that I'm a big Aviators fan, so you were probably waiting to see something like this in my list. Another Discord-themed song, but this time he's decisively rejecting reform and letting the shadows in his mind claim him. Why only 87th in the Everfree list? Maybe listeners were scared off...

6. Magic Duel (Night Breeze) [N/A]
Classical music really doesn't get much of a look-in in this fandom, which is an enormous shame when it's as good as this. With its strong hints of a Mozart piano sonata, this lovely, lively piece really brings to life the energy and tension surrounding Twilight's battle with Trixie.

5. Princess of the Sun (Evening Star) [N/A]
Evening Star actually had four songs in the Everfree Top 100... but this wasn't one of them. Maybe it's because it's a little different from what he normally does, being a slice of unashamed upbeat synthpop. And yay for good pro-Celestia songs, of which there still aren't nearly enough!

4. Open Your Eyes (Aviators) [35]
It will surprise absolutely no-one that another Aviators track has made it into my top 10. I love the way this guy makes his music and this deceptively simple Twilight song, inspired by "Magical Mystery Cure", is one of the very best I've heard. But yes, there are three 2013 songs I like even more than this...

...and that's all you're getting for now! You're going to have to wait a little while for the top three tracks... but I promise it won't be too long. Comments are welcome as to what I should (or shouldn't) have selected... but remember, the song you love so much might be in my top three! All I'll say about those right now is that none of them are dubstep. ;)

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