Friday, 28 February 2014

This took quite some getting!

"A Pony Party" DVD front cover

The A Pony Party DVD was pre-orderable on Amazon for a little while, but then it mysteriously got deleted almost instantly after the release date. For a few days the only seller was charging £199 [sic] for a copy... thankfully another third-party seller appeared a bit later, offering the disc for a slightly less ludicrous fee. Even now, the official Amazon-fulfilled option is out of stock, so you'll have to pay £15 or so (inc p&p) to get hold of it.

There will be a proper review of this DVD in due course, but I'm pretty ill at the moment and so it's likely to have to wait until next week at the earliest. My health is also the reason I haven't made a proper post about the fact that BUCK tickets go on sale at 6pm GMT tomorrow, and that I haven't yet reviewed the second Friends Forever comic. Again, a proper review for that is in the works; it'll just be a little bit later than sometimes.

Also: Clear Vision, if you provide an email address for customer enquiries, maybe you could, you know, answer them?

Edit: the Amazon-fulfilled copies are back in! At under £9 a go (+p&p unless your total order is over £10), I'd recommend taking this route now.

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