Friday, 19 July 2013

This is really, really annoying

Showcase Cinemas are putting on screenings of Equestria Girls all over the country over the weekend of 10/11 August. Having seen the film via a dodgy YouTube video, I know that it's not as bad as I'd feared — and in places is actually fun — so I'd have been quite interested in going to see it. But this is the one and only time in the whole of August (other than BUCK, of course) when I simply can't break other commitments. Argh, and argh again. Hopefully one day we'll get a true FiM movie to make up for this.

What's particularly annoying from a personal point of view is that I've never, ever watched an episode of the show in company, unless you count virtual things like Bronystate streams. Licensing problems mean that this year's BUCK won't have the "Pony Odeon" and I have to confess that that's a big disappointment. Yes, there are occasional meetups for things like season finales and premieres, but they tend to be huge-scale "spend an entire day drinking and partying" things in London, which is not really my scene. Grump.

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