Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fluttershy Collector's Box

Fluttershy Collector's Box
Also includes exciting glossy cling-film wrap :P
("At last!" I hear you cry.) Yes, I admit it: for a thoroughly devoted Flutterfan, it really has taken me far too long to pick up this box. But since Toys R Us in Bristol had it for a perfectly reasonable £7.99 the other day, I was left with little choice. You can see the outer box above and the special trading card (the only Series 2 card officially on sale in the UK!) below, but you do get a few other things. To wit: a few more Series 1 trading cards, a mini-poster of Fluttershy with a card checklist on the other side and a sticker of... well, who do you think? That's right: Fluttershy. So I'm happy. :)

Fluttershy S2 foil card
This actually looks very, very nice

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