Wednesday, 3 July 2013

BUCK guests: one in, one out

As BUCK 2013 draws ever nearer, the VIP guest list has undergone some changes. Sadly, John de Lancie has been forced to withdraw from the convention, owing to a family emergency. While this is a great shame, I'm sure everyone will readily accept that there are some things that must take priority over con appearances, and that this is one of them. All best wishes to Mr de Lancie and his family.

On the plus side, however, we'll still have a show VA coming to Manchester — because Michelle Creber will be attending! She's the voice for Apple Bloom, as well as the singing voice for both AB and Sweetie Belle. She has a fantastic singing voice, so it's particularly good to hear that she'll be performing live at the Lunar Eclipse concert on the Saturday evening. I have no idea what she'll sing, though I'm sure it'll be great!


  1. There may or may not be some more things to announce possible at some point.

    1. Well, I won't go assuming anything, so if nothing happens then that's still fine. :) Really, I'm mostly waiting now for the detailed schedule, since I'd rather not have to work everything out on the Saturday morning, but I guess *that* has to wait until the guest list is finalised.