Thursday, 23 May 2013

Welcome to Ponyville DVD cover appears

Cover of the first R2 MLP:FiM DVD
Spike seems... quite pleased to be next to Rarity
And here it is: region 2 Pony is revealed! Thank you to MrBaBa over on UK of Equestria for alerting me to this. Its Amazon listing doesn't really tell us anything much else, but the fact that it's a one-disc release suggests that Clear Vision may well follow the Australian region 4 pattern: over there, S1 was put out on five DVDs, with the initial disc (called Friendship Changes Everything Down Under) containing the first five episodes.

The cover design is nothing special, in that it uses the same vectors we've all seen hundreds of times, but at least it's a different look to the front of the Aussie and American DVDs. If our release does follow the Australian pattern, then unfortunately there probably won't be any extras — but let's face it, MLP:FiM is a bit of a niche show over here in any case, so we should probably be grateful that we're getting R2 releases at all.

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