Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sometimes I really love our fandom

Fluttershy Happy by Mast88 (CC by 3.0)
Fluttershy Happy by Mast88, May 2011. CC by 3.0
Well, actually I love it most of the time. Not always, however, and if you've spotted the labels I've put on this post then you may have an inkling of what I'm about to say. Yes, it has to do with Equestria Girls, or more precisely the reaction of some fans to it. Now, I freely admit to detesting what I saw of the show in the earlier previews, and although the trailer is much better made than I'd feared I still worry about the premise. Hopefully, it won't be a generic "misfit thrown into high school becomes prom queen" story, but we won't know for sure for another few weeks.

However, there's a big difference between whinging about what you fear might happen to MLP, or — even more justifiably — feeling disappointed that it won't be a full-on Friendship is Magic movie, and taking things just that bit too far. Which means? Well, a small number of people let themselves and our fandom down by going so far as to harass DHX employees. I don't personally know anyone who did that, and it's not as if this fandom is uniquely bad for these things; any big fandom will have such people in its midst; but it's still a shame.

That's the bad bit. Now the good bit: a fan named Featherprop decided to counter the harassment, by starting a campaign to use the Twitter hashtag #ThankYouDHX. It quickly got noticed, as these things do in our fandom, and a lot of people tweeted messages with the hashtag. Even me! (Bet you didn't even know I had a Twitter account...) Best of all, though, it was used by Hasbro themselves, and their VP of development and scripted entertainment contacted Featherprop to say that what he did had been hugely appreciated.

So, what started out as a rather embarrassing and ugly story, about a minority of fans taking things way beyond the limits of acceptable complaining, ended up as a heartwarming tale of the goodwill so many of us have towards the people who've helped to bring us FiM in the first place. It's things like this that remind me why I love being in this fandom so much. As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, Fluttershy approves, and there is no greater honour than that!


  1. It rather reminds me of when Russel T Davies took charge of the Dr Who show, and announced he was planning a few changes for the daleks (they could potentially fly) and the theme tune. He then started receiving death threats. You can just imagine it in court...

    "So, why did you violently torture and kill Mr Davies?"
    "He changed the theme tune to Dr Who."
    "Good grief! This man should never have been brought to trial!! Acquit him immediately!"

    So, I'm really very glad this story has such an optmistic ending, and it's very heartening to see that something good happened from it all, and of course (as expected) it was only a tiny minority of "fans" that acted badly.

    *Grin* No, I didn't know you had a Twitter account. Now you too may post about toast, and upload pictures of empty toilet rolls and half eaten biscuits, like most people on Twitter and Facebook seem to. ;)

  2. *Grins* No Facebook as yet, though I suppose I can't utterly promise never to join. As for the Twitter, I only set it up recently, when Mary Jane Begin mentioned my review of her book in a tweet -- because tweeting back was the only way I could think of to acknowledge her. :)