Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Five on the skive

Magnet Bolt Wave 6 blind bag figure
Magnet Bolt showing off her striking colour scheme
I was in an Asda supermarket the other day and noticed that they had Wave 6 blind bags in stock. Nothing at all wrong with that; quite the reverse, and I was pleased to be able to snap up Magnet Bolt, the only completely new pony in this wave. I think she's a very nicely designed pony, too, and although she's the usual Twilight Sparkle recolour, I think she still has her own identity.

But... what happened to Wave 5? The yellow bags, with the three princesses included. I haven't seen those anywhere, and the only reason I have a Wave 5 pony at all (Breezie, since you ask) is because of the generosity of a friend. Now, it's true that Celestia/Luna/Cadance tend to get sifted out within nanoseconds, but I wouldn't have minded some of the others. Ah well, never mind.


  1. And a very nice Magnet Bolt that is too! As I've mentioned elsewhere, not too long ago, I found a few of the Wave 6 bags in Brum, but there were a very small number left. And at no point yet have any of the Wave 5 bags turned up anywhere that I've been. Again it's only thanks to a friend (the same one, I'm sure) that I even have one of those! It seems very strange that not one shop round here has bothered to stock those.

  2. And may I just say:-

    1. You may indeed, and indeed you just did. It really is a lovely picture, too, and thank you for pointing it out to me! :) Cute Flutterpics are always welcome... though I hesitate slightly from encouraging you to post *all* cute Flutterpics you find, since that might make Google's traffic overflow entirely. =;)

      And who might you be, anyway? ;)

    2. It would serve them right. They should set up a server just for pictures of Fluttershy. And Pinkie. Mustn't ever forget Pinkie. (And she'll make sure of it too.)

      Me, I'm me and not not me. I do know that much, but that's about all I know, and I didn't get any notifications about the comment above. I wonder if I've set something up wrong. The cheeky blighters.

    3. Ahh... I see a "Subscribe" button which I clicked and it says I should now get emails about any further comments. :)

    4. Who's Pinkie? Isn't she that blue frog from Season Seven? ;)

    5. Season Eleven. Easy mistake to make. ;)