Saturday, 8 December 2012

Andy Price cover art sells for $6,300

Hmm... this is the third comics-related post I've made in a row! I'll do something about that next time, when I post my review of "Sleepless in Ponyville", but for now I'll stick with the comic. And as the title says, Andy Price's original art for the Mane Six covers has sold for the little matter of $6,300 on eBay in the US. Quite remarkable, and another indication of just how well Price's style has captured many fans' imagination.


  1. It really is astounding that they went for quite that much, although I'm very glad they did. And someone has a real prize there! (And a gaping hole in their bank account. :o ) Judging from the covers, certainly, his artwork has just the right look. It looks a lot like the cartoon's artwork, of course, but it also has something about it that makes it his own. He hasn't slavishly copied the cartoon art style, and that is really good to see! (Nothing at all wrong with the cartoon art obviously but it's nice to see a different approach for a different art medium. :) )

    1. Oh yes, it looks great — and when you've caught up enough to read the comic yourself, I think you'll be impressed with the interior artwork too. Andy Price was a fantastic choice. :)