Thursday, 6 December 2012

Who was that unmasked pony?

The mysterious dark green mare in MLP:FiM comic #1
She's even darker than this on the page
There are many things to interest and intrigue in issue #1 of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic from IDW, of which the least is probably the fact that at last the colon seems to have been made canon. Ahem. But while I'll be posting a full review of the comic in the near future (short version: yay!) I wanted to single out one mystery first. It's not spoilery, and in any case it's also in the section used for the comic's credits section inside the front cover, so I'll put this out here in the open.

My question is simple: just who is this striking dark green background pony? She doesn't play any significant role in the story, but I wonder. She has a non-standard eye design, for one thing, which suggests she may not just be there to fill in space. She's also an unusual dark green colour, plus her cutie mark is rather strange. I do have one hunch, though: could this, just possibly, be the "Jade Singer" mentioned in the brief synopsis for issue #1 of the forthcoming micro series?

(Of course, if JS turns out to be a stallion, this post will look especially silly...)

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