Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Worcester Ponymeets (repost)

Reposting as I accidentally put this up on the same day as the UK PonyCon theme announcement yesterday.

Just to be crystal (pony) clear here: I'm talking about the Worcester in England!

Who are you?
We are... um, the group of MLP fans who have been meeting up regularly in Worcester since 2013. We don't actually have a snappy name yet, though this may change at some point. Our meet leader is Pigasus, and while he's in attendance he is the boss. When he isn't, it's actually me. Yes, really. There are usually 5–8 of us at a meet.

Where do you meet?
Caffè Bolero, an excellent independent place on the edge of the city centre. (Google Map.) This is five minutes' walk from Worcester Foregate Street station and also a short walk from various city centre car parks. We meet, as any self-respecting bronies should, in the basement – down the stairs to your right as you enter.

What days do you meet?
We try to keep up a regular schedule of twice-monthly meets, on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month. The schedule does occasionally change to fit around holidays and other special events like conventions, or if a number of people are unavailable, so you may want to check the first post in this UK of Equestria thread to make sure it's going ahead.

If you feel like creating (or already have) a UK of E account, that's also where we tend to hammer out details of scheduling, or if there are any dates we need to change. Same thread as the one linked just above, but in the newest posts rather than the first one.

What times do you meet?
Our meets start at 1pm and run through until about 5pm, though the end time is a little variable. You're welcome to come for just part of the meet if you like.

What do you do?
We sit around and chat! Unlike some brony meetups, in Worcester ponies are still the main topic of conversation at pretty much every meet. We do talk about other things sometimes, but talk nearly always drifts back to MLP before long, especially when there's something big to talk about. We also play a simple card game using a pony-themed standard deck. It's very easy to learn and very silly.

We're not really into the CCG, since it does tend to divide meets – not the best idea for a smallish gathering. We don't go for mass shop walkabouts either, but of course if anyone would like to explore Worcester's (frankly quite limited) retail options then that's fine and someone will be happy to come with you, I'm sure. Oh, and I'm afraid watching episodes isn't something we can offer, as we don't have a private space to do that.

How much does it cost?
The meet itself costs nothing. However, as we're sitting in a café for several hours, we do ask you to buy some food and/or drink.

Talking of which...?
There's the usual range of coffee, soft and (a few) alcoholic drinks, cakes and Mediterranean-style snacks and light meals. Yes, both cider (if you're old enough) and muffins are available! Prices are very reasonable: a coffee and a muffin will easily produce change from a fiver.

Who can come?
Anyone! Well, okay, we do have one significant restriction, which is that if you're under 16 we do ask you to bring an adult with you. The basement is only accessible by stairs, as is the case in many of Worcester's old buildings. Meeting upstairs isn't really an option as there's generally far less space.

Can I bring my plushie/pony shirt/sketchbook?
Yes, certainly, as long as it won't get in the way of other customers. (So no NSFW shirt designs, please.) The staff at Bolero are very good to us and are tolerant of tables with plushies dotted around.

Anything else I should know?
Because of the venue we use, as well as the wishes of our regulars, we are a fairly strictly SFW meet – this includes asking attendees not to swear beyond the language used in the show. For mainly historical reasons, we also prefer to avoid much shipping talk.

Also, if you don't know Worcester very well, feel free to ask one of us to meet you at Foregate Street station. There's usually someone around earlier who can do that.


  1. This covers things nicely, and is all comfortably familiar :). Having to choose to miss one of these is always a hard choice. But it's even harder to choose which plushie(s) to bring!

    1. Thanks; I'm relieved I didn't make any really obvious mistakes! I just thought it would be useful to have somewhere to point to if I get asked about it. The UK of E thread is very useful, but there isn't enough space there to go into this amount of detail.

  2. I've been doing some thinking about this, (before I found this!) and this is what I think the fandom needs, like a directory, each meet 'capter' (yep like freemasons becase we ant to take over the world) could have a photo, an introduction like above, and maybe a story or some art or both?
    It could focous on the brony people away from Brony con, the smaller worldwide meets and cons, and community, from england (leicester, worcester, nottingham, severnbronies, Ponycon, Bronyscot ect,Ero meets like Galacon ect....)

    1. Sounds pretty interesting. I wonder how many regular meets there actually are in the UK?

      Not sure about the photo thing, as some people don't want the world to know, but maybe if it was a photo of the café table with plushies on or something. :P

      I'm open to the general idea, though. :)