Monday, 4 July 2016

UK PonyCon weekend and Saturday tickets SOLD OUT; Sunday tickets still available

I'm a few days behind with this news, but here's the proof: the UK PonyCon webstore! Sparkler, from the con committee, announced last week that all weekend and Saturday-only passes (adult, child and family) had completely sold out – for a con still three and a half months away. Stallholder tickets are also gone, while the limited-edition VIP tickets were snapped up a long time ago.

If you don't have a ticket, all is not lost, however! Sunday-only tickets are still available, and it's well worth coming even for just one day. If past years are anything to go by, we won't see even a provisional schedule for a long time yet, but I'd guess that Sunday hours will be roughly 10 am to 6 pm. The tickets are priced at £20 for adults, £10 for kids and £40 for families.

Congratulations to UK PonyCon on its popularity! It's not a huge surprise to me, given the extremely favourable reception given to its 2015 iteration, but it's nevertheless gratifying to know that there is still such a high demand for a My Little Pony convention in England despite the sad demise of BUCK. Wouldn't it be great if BronyScot made it a double by proving a sell-out too?

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