Friday, 15 July 2016

Comic review: Friends Forever #30: Twilight and Cadance

MLP Friends Forever comic #30, main cover
Fun fact: "kung fu grip" was developed for the UK's Action Man before GI Joe got it
The moment I saw the brilliant Tony Fleecs cover (above) I got my hopes up for this comic. My Little Pony in general seems to be taking a relaxed attitude to poking gentle fun at the fandom recently, and I'm all for that. In this issue, we discover that cosplaying as the princesses and buying figures of them is A Thing in Equestria. Cadance isn't too happy to discover why people dress as her, and her sister-in-law tries to help her. This is a fun issue, with some nice jokes and slice-of-lifeness rather than high-stakes adventure. Rice gets the tone pretty much right and provides a nice ending, while Garbowksa's art is decent enough, if you can deal with her style. This is one to pick up. ★★★★

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