Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Comic mini-review: MLP Holiday Special 2015

MLP Holiday Special 2015 comic cover
Nice to see Spike get a cover spot for a change
Come on, IDW, can't you call this a Hearth's Warming Special? That minor gripe out of the way, what we have here is not the all-Katie Cook comic that previews suggested, but something more akin to an anthology. The linking factor is that they're all Christmassy tales told by a snowbound Twilight and Spike. Cook does draw part of the comic, but other tales are illustrated by Andy Price, Agnes Garbowska and Brenda Hickey. The best is probably the story featuring Rainbow Dash as a reindeer – she really does look adorable like that. Definitely a comic of warm fuzziness rather than epic adventure, but none the worse for it. Nice going, guys. ★★★★


  1. Man, I want to see Rainbow Dash as a reindeer. Or maybe a Reinbow Deer. Guess it's time to get to image searching...

    1. It's early on in the comic, so you can see a couple of pages from that story at the end of the extended preview.

    2. Personally I what thought was a nice little touch was that the reindeer version of RD had lighting bolt shaped antlers.