Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The My Little Pony Movie is coming! (In two years' time...)

The big news today is the official confirmation from Hasbro that the less than imaginatively named The My Little Pony Movie will be released on 3 November 2017. Just under two years to go, then. My personal view, and I'm not alone in this, is that it will mark the end of Friendship is Magic as we know it today. There may well be a G4.5 rather than Hasbro making a clean break to a full G5, but I suspect the film will be an effective finale to the series as a whole.

If the rumours that the S5-S6 hiatus will be a year long prove to be true, then I believe S6 will be the final season of FiM proper. If it were a full, 26-episode season starting this time next year, then it would finish in the spring of 2017. That would leave just the right amount of time for hype to build for the movie. Of course, we know there will be a fourth Equestria Girls film at some point, and there's been some suggestion that we might get some official shorts during the hiatus.

But still. Let's hope that The My Little Pony Movie's content is more imaginative than its title, and that if it does prove to be the end of FiM, it provides it with a fitting send-off.

Update 15 Feb 2017: Of course, we now know that the release date will be different, that the S5-S6 hiatus was shorter than a year, and that S6 was not the final season. I've not changed any of the above, though I have altered the tag to fit with the confirmed title of My Little Pony: The Movie.


  1. I hope season 6 isn't the last season, but then again, G4's gotta end someday. If that's the case, then hopefully the movie is great otherwise, FiM could go out on a whimper.

    If there are also future generations (no doubt there will be), hopefully they're great too.

  2. Actually I heard Hasbro was planning to do more FIM stuff until 2019!

  3. As much as I'd like FiM to continue airing, I'd be endlessly amused if G4 actually got "Six Season and a Movie".