Friday, 20 November 2015

Comic mini-review: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #35

Sara Richard's cover art is always striking
IDW are all over the place with their release dates at the moment: the Art Gallery II has been delayed until early December, while the Art is Magic book now has no definite release date at all, perhaps to avoid a clash with The Art of Equestria. Still, as I'm also all over the place with my comic review dates, I suppose I can cut them a bit of slack this one time! It wasn't all my fault, though, as a comic ordered from an eBay seller failed to arrive. Happily, a replacement ordered from Albion Toys instead came quickly. So...

This is the second comic in the four-issue Siege of the Crystal Empire arc that began moderately promisingly last month. This month's issue is also pretty good, I'm pleased to say. The first few pages deal with Sombra's origins, but thankfully it's not just a straight reprinting of his Fiendship story. Sombra and Chrysalis make a genuinely worrisome team-up, though I really can't believe the likes of Iron Will or Lightning Dust would go along with truly evil plans. Radiant Hope plays a significant role and is... naive, to say the least. Still, it's a solid issue with good artwork, and a fine full-page scene featuring Twilight just nudges this one into four-star territory. ★★★★


  1. Another mistake, it's #34 instead of 35!

    And I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you, but respect your opinion. While I'd probably give #34 a ★★★, I found this issue REALLY BAD, and I'd give it a ★.

    I wouldn't say Radiant Hope was naive, more stupid...she pretty much caused Celestia and Luna to be turned to stone in a way claiming Sombra was her friend...and not only that, she's putting the Crystal Empire in danger by reviving Sombra and because of her love for him.

    It gets worse later on...and a lot of people including me hate her. I'll explain why next comic review, I've already read 3 of the issues, from Youtube user ChronoShenron.

    Plus the way the Main Six were captured was stupid, especially with Pinkie Pie, they used the idiot ball a whole lot here (Pinkie fell for that cannon thing? And now's NOT the time to talk about your hair, Rarity! It worked in Return of Chrysalis because she thinks her mane would be ruined if wet) and having loved the Return of Chrysalis arc, it was a bit humiliating to see Twilight get defeated by her (I know Sombra helped, but still!) and most of the Mane Six felt shafted to the sidelines. Fluttershy was just there to be knocked away by Lightning Dust, and instead of having Rainbow be captured by being kicked by AJ (and Rainbow wasn't thinking), why not have her fight Lightning instead, falling into the cage in the process?

    Also, I didn't get that "ATTICA!!" reference from Pinkie. Why was it there? Was it to be funny? It felt like a lame attempt to insert humor there.

    Celestia and Luna being turned to stone that quickly by Sombra too was stupid. About the ending of the scene, not only did Chrysalis laughing seem to me like another attempt to force humor into a situation where it didn't fit, but Hope's gasp didn't buy me at all.

    The only great thing I'd say about the issue is Price's art. It's still great; but sadly, with the exception of gallery books, art doesn't make the comic...

    1. *Shrugs* I may have been a little generous in going to a four-star rating, but it's at least a three for me. Yes, it's flawed, but it was (mostly, for me) enjoyably flawed, and that's all I really ask. I found the cannon thing pretty funny, and I'm actually glad Twilight lost (presumably temporarily) for a change; she's more interesting when she doesn't win all the time.

      I must admit, I missed the "Attica!" thing until I re-read the issue – if that was a reference to the prison riot, then I don't approve as the real-life one left a lot of people dead and isn't really joke material.

      I quite liked the Reflections arc, too, incidentally, which a lot of people absolutely detest. So I'm rarely surprised if my opinion doesn't match everyone's. :)

      Also, "another" mistake is a little harsh, don't you think?

    2. Very sorry about that, I didn't mean to sound harsh.

      True, if characters kept on winning it would be kinda boring.

      I still haven't read Reflections yet, but I'm getting there. Some people are comparing it to Reflections also.

      But one important phrase is "to each his own."

    3. It's okay, I didn't find it offensive; I was being mildly tongue-in-cheek in reply. :)

  2. Oh, I see. Thanks for letting me know :)

  3. Blimey, and I just got the next issue in the post. It barely seems like a couple of weeks since the last one. Now if they'd just like to get on with releasing that art issue....

    I thought this second part of the story was pretty decent, and as always Mr Price did a fine job with the artwork.

    The only problem I had with it really was something you mentioned above. I can't see Iron Will as an actual villain. Yes, he was a big headed fool in the cartoon, but I never saw him as a villain and an evildoer. More like very misguided, but I always got the impression he could have changed, for the better. Likewise I don't really see Flim and Flam as evil villains either. They are villains of a sort, but would they really side with the likes of Sombra and Chrysalis? They're a pair of conponies, not hate filled villains. A strange choice all in all, considering there have been so many genuine villains throughout the various episodes.

    1. Yes, agreed about Flim and Flam. Maybe there'll be some reason for their behaving that way, like when the Mane Six were Discorded in the show. Otherwise I agree, it's too much of a stretch. Wind Rider would have worked nicely in Lightning Dust's place, since he didn't exactly seem contrite, but I suppose the comic creation lag time put paid to that idea.

      My copy of #36 was dispatched yesterday. This time I managed to snag it from A Place in Space, who have been very reliable, so it should only be a few days. :)

    2. Assuming you haven't yet received #36, I won't say anything - except that there is one particular panel that sent me cold. There is no way it would have been in one of the episodes, let's put it like that!

    3. My expected delivery date is Tue/Wed, so no, not yet. I'm thoroughly intrigued now, though!