Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Little Convention has been cancelled

My Little Convention, the pony con planned for Southport in late August, will not now be going ahead. Here, taken from the official site, is the announcement:
It’s with heavy hearts that we regret to inform you that due to financial difficulties we have been forced to cancel My Little Convention 2015.
More details are to be announced soon but we wanted to make everyone aware of the situation as soon as possible.
I'd guess that "financial difficulties" means "we didn't sell enough tickets to cover our costs", but hopefully there'll be some clarification later. MLC was set up as a limited company, so nobody should end up taking a devastating personal hit. It's also good that the organisers have bitten the bullet now rather than attempting to keep going and risking a complete crash-and-burn on the day.

Sadly, I'm not entirely surprised by this news. MLC has struggled throughout its life: the guest list was not particularly inspiring for a con charging £50 for tickets, and several guests complained publicly a while back that they had not been kept in the loop by the organisers. The Southport location, quite close to Manchester (site of BUCK and GBBC) may not have helped, either.


  1. I never heard of this convention before...what would have it been like?

    And I'm sad to hear it got cancelled...

    1. That was part of the problem -- the organisers were really poor at communication, so nobody really knew what was going on. It was going to be a small brony con to help fill the gap because of BUCK taking a year off.