Sunday, 26 July 2015


As I write this on Sunday evening, it looks as though the Great British Brony Convention (GBBC) in Manchester has worked out. It's impossible to tell from the photos I've seen what sort of attendance they had, but credit where credit is due: GBBC does seem to have succeeded. It's no secret that I was a bit sceptical – not setting up a limited company is dangerous, for example – and I don't think UK of Equestria was wrong to lock its official GBBC thread given the organisers' lack of contact. (GBBC talk itself was absolutely not banned; it just went to a general "Conventions" discussion.)

But I would never wish failure on a pony convention, so I'm glad it did what it set out to do, and I hope anyone reading this who attended had a good time. I'm guessing that it won't run again in 2016, given the return of BUCK in the same city, but maybe it will encourage someone else to put together a smaller-scale con. To my mind, BronyScot remains the example to emulate in this department, but there's certainly an opportunity for someone, especially given the con desert south of Leicester. London may well be too expensive, but what about Bristol or Birmingham? It could happen!

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