Saturday, 2 May 2015

Reduced activity for a week or so

I missed the fact last week that A Diamond and a Tether had been added to the Royal Canterlot Library. In fact, I only realised this when I was looking through the RCL archives and thinking about which of their inductees I might review in the near future. As you may recall from ADaaT's review last week (PR 53), I wasn't quite as impressed by it as the RCL judges were, but I think that's largely down to personal taste; I make no pretence that Ponyfic Roundup reviews are based on anything other than how much I enjoyed a story. I haven't come across an RCL inductee yet that I actively disliked.

Anyway, on to the meat of this post. I may not be quite as active as usual around here, or indeed the fandom in general, for a little while owing to Thursday's general election. Not that going out to vote is going to take up too much of my day, but I spend a faintly ridiculous amount of time reading various political geekery sites, worrying about the result (it's expected to be close), wondering whether the candidate I end up voting for – there are six standing in my constituency – has any sort of chance and so on and so forth. As such, I may not be spending quite as much time on pony-related stuff as usual.

Which all reminds me that I haven't really read a party-political MLP fic that's blown me away yet. I use that particular adjective because Moonlight Palaver (PR 28) is clearly based around politics, just not electoral politics. Actually, I haven't even read much featuring Mayor Mare at all, although I do have Thornwing's The Old Gray Mare fairly high up my RiL list. Slightly off to one side, I'm aware of GhostOfHeraclitus's Whom the Princesses Would Destroy, but the footnotes are a complete and utter pain on an e-reader, so I keep on putting that one off.

Also, going back to the RCL thing a minute, I am repeatedly impressed by how much thought the authors of inducted works put into their interviews. When I did mine, I just rambled on in my usual fashion, and compared to some of these guys it really shows. Ah well, it's something to learn from, and as a writer you always want to be learning so that you can improve. I suspect that the point at which you lose your thirst for learning is the point at which people might as well stop reading your stories, and that would never do!

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