Thursday, 2 April 2015

So, Hasbro, about those new songs...

All right, so it seems that Hasbro thinks "April Fool" means "release three new fully-animated songs out of nowhere". I suppose I can live with that. Mind you, I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of "Life is a Runway", which is a shame as I've usually really liked Rarity songs. I don't dislike it; I just feel it's a bit on the bland'n'generic side. A more accomplished version of some of the songs in the first film, if you will. Points for Derpy's outfit, though.

I like "My Past is Not Today" rather more, though that may be at least in part because I'm such a fan of how Sunset Shimmer's character was developed in Rainbow Rocks. The song itself is good without being spectacular; it's the animation that really makes this one stand out. The sunset scene early on is particularly nice, especially when you think that they could just have shoved in a generic lens flare effect and had done with it.

And then there's "Friendship Through the Ages", which I love to bits already. All right, one or two of the transitions from pony to pony are slightly awkward, but it's still made me smile more than any song since... well, "Shine Like Rainbows", actually. It doesn't hurt that Fluttershy finally gets a little vocal solo; I've been waiting so long for that! Rarity makes use of her Sgt. Pepper outfit, Dash has a Union Flag sticker on her guitar, Pinkie's 80s spot is hilarious, etc etc etc.

What with this little lot and the Sombra comic and the S5 premiere, this is turning out to be one hay of a first week of April for the official side of the pony fandom!

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  1. I ADORED Friendship Through The Ages. Had it stuck in my head for three days straight, and Daniel Ingram retweeted my tweet complaining about it. XD It's awesome that Hasbro focused entirely on musical eras that precede the current generation watching the show.

    Also I may or may not be slightly in love with New Wave Pinkie