Thursday, 4 September 2014

Okay, I think I'm going to do this

I'm going to read the other 22 finalists in the EqD Outside Insight contest. I have them all downloaded already, to make sure I read them as they were submitted, as I expect a few will be tweaked in the near future. There were over 100 submissions to the competition, so I'm certainly not going to read all of them, but doing the finalists seems manageable.

And yes, I'll report back. I won't put them in a Ponyfic Roundup, and I may not even give them scores, but I'll try to work out my personal top 10 from the list. I can tell you right now that "I Am Demon" (which won the contest) is up against it from the start for being the only fic that I'm going to have to plough through on a computer screen rather than my trusty Nook...

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