Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ponyfic Roundup 10

And so Ponyfic Roundup reaches double figures! I know at least a couple of people have read at least the odd one of these, but more comments would always be nice! I'm going to carry on doing them anyway, since I enjoy it, but I'd rather not feel as though I'm talking to myself all the time. :P There were no real standout fics this week, so I've just chosen one of those I quite liked for the Pick spot. Note that there'll be no Roundup next week as I'll be on holiday.

Pick of the fics

Evil Belle by Akumokagetsu
Sweetie Belle
Comedy; 2K words; Nov 2013; Everyone
This is one of those quick reads that should at least raise a smile. For somewhat vague reasons, Sweetie Belle has got her hooves on the dreaded Alicorn Amulet. Yes, the one Zecora is was looking after. Sweetie is now intending to become a hugely powerful supervillain. If only she can get ponies to appreciate this. The first in a series; silly, short and amusing. 7/10

Other stories 

Lightning Bugs by Zoom Star
Mane Six, Spike and Celestia
Adventure; 3K words; Feb 2012; Everyone
Oh, this is frustrating. You can see a good story in here trying to get out. Something mysterious is causing the weather across Equestria to go bad, no matter what the pegasi try. The Mane Six are tasked with sorting things out. And there's the biggest problem: the resolution is both hurried and unconvincing. The writing is rushed, too: there are too many silly typos for comfort. 3.5/10

Luna, There's a Sentient Race Inside Your Mane by boardgamebrony
Luna, Celestia and OCs
Comedy/Random; 2K words; Apr 2012; Everyone 
This is another silly little one-shot. It scores by having a sea-pony in the very first scene, but after that it's all about Luna. Or rather, the beings that are determined to win the war of her hair – for her tail becomes involved, too. Some readers cite this as an all-time favourite; I don't think it's that good, but it's a fun choice if you have a few minutes and don't want anything too heavy. 7/10

Pinkie Watches Paint Dry by AbsoluteAnonymous
Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Rainbow Dash
Comedy/Random; 3K words; Apr 2012; Everyone 
Yes, the guy who wrote "The Games We Play" (see PR 1). Note the date, too: this fic was written before "Too Many Pinkie Pies" was known about. It's a nice coincidence, but the story itself is... well, it's pretty odd. Hard to get into at first, but keep going. You can either read this as the random comedy it says it is, or you can see it as Pinkie doing some of her occasional scarily deep philosophising. 7/10

Shipping and Handling by Pegasus Rescue Brigade
Derpy, Dinky and OCs
Romance/Comedy; 132K words; Sep 2012; Everyone
This is widely considered a fandom classic, but I'm afraid I don't quite share that view. The first few chapters are excellent, but then it slightly lost me. One chapter in particular will either have you laughing yourself stupid or trudging through it and wishing it was over; I was in the latter category. Derpy (known as "Ditzy Doo" in this fic) is nicely characterised, though. 6.5/10

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