Saturday, 17 May 2014

Decent article in the Metro

Although the same paper published a rather sneery article about bronies just a few days ago, the Metro freesheet has now printed (yes, apparently this was in the print edition) this considerably better story. It's to mark the fact that National Geographic's Outsiders documentary (largely filmed at BUCK 2013) will be getting its UK premiere soon. There's nothing particularly startling in it, but it's a fair and factual report. Also, some pictures of people I actually have some idea who they are, for a change! The one downside is that it does perpetuate the myth that all bronies are male.


  1. I hadn't seen the other article they did, but I've found it on their website and... well, I don't think we need say any more than that. It seems strange that they then follow it up with this better story, so I do have to wonder why. I'll also be very interested to see what, if any, comments appear on their letters page over the next few days. Hopefully good ones though. :)

    1. The mind boggles at what sort of things people might say! :P