Thursday, 3 April 2014

February IDW comics sales figures: better late than never!

MLP:FiM comic issue #16, cover B
Which grin is scarier, Bookworm's or Pinkie's?
I know I said a while back that I probably wouldn't keep on doing these posts, but I did have a little bit of feedback saying that the stats were useful. With that in mind, here's a look at what happened in February, thanks to Comichron's numbers. And yes, I know it's already April; I'm just forgetful, all right? :P But I think we can rest assured that the future of IDW's My Little Pony comics is pretty safe in the near term at least. Main-series issue #16 came in at no. 73 (up 7) and sold:
copies, which is a fall of just 1.9% on last month. Given that February was a worse month for comics sales all round than January, I don't think there's the remotest need to worry about that one. It's still easily IDW's best-selling comic, after all. And as it happens, the second-placed IDW title was a My Little Pony one as well: it was the Hundred Penny Press reprinting of main-series #1. This came in at no. 95, selling:
copies. I'm particularly pleased by this figure, since presumably most long-standing fans will have at least one copy of issue #1 already. Of course some of us will have bought the Hundred Penny Press edition as part of a variant covers collection, but I would have thought that there'll also be a fair number of actual newcomers in there. And Pony also snagged third place in IDW's rankings, with Friends Forever #2 sneaking in at no. 99 (down 1) with:
sales. That's a fall of 11.5% over the series' first issue, but I don't think that's a bad result at all. Remember that FF #1 got pretty poor reviews on the whole (including right here) and that some people were rather put off by the start it made. So for the second installment to still break the 20K barrier is highly encouraging. (In case you're wondering, X-Files: Conspiracy #1 was IDW's best non-MLP comic, with 15,576 sales.)

Taking a quick look at the graphic novels section, we can see that My Little Pony Tales Vol. 2 debuted at no. 8 with 2,874 copies sold; that's the book which includes the Luna micro, so I'm not surprised it's been popular. Lower down the list, the second main-series anthology sold a further 904 copies. All in all, it's been another solid month for the comics, and with luck the March figures will keep things going along nicely. I'll try not to be so late with those!

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