Sunday, 19 January 2014

Remember this from December 2012?

This is not a new thing!
I still don't know who was responsible for that post, but I do now know that the final bit was flat-out wrong. "Don't believe everything you see on the internet" has always been true. I suppose it's possible that Derpy was at one point "canned totally", but either the decision was reversed or it was never actually made in the first place. The following tweet is from the VP of development and scripted entertainment for Hasbro Studios. He should know:


  1. Well, for a "canned totally" character, she somehow still managed to find her way into that latest episode. Either that or it was a mysterious doppleganger called Ypred, caused by some kind of time travelling conundrum. I'd be very interested to know who did make that post originally, and if they were genuinally connected with the show. If they are genuine, it shows that sometimes even those working on MLP directly aren't always as clued up as they may think.

    1. I guess we'll probably never know. All except that bit could have been guessed at by the time the original post was made. In particular, the Twilicorn publicity shots were easily available by then.