Friday, 31 January 2014

Another episode leaked

It happened with "Castle Mane-ia" and now it's happened with "Pinkie Pride". I'm really disappointed in whoever was responsible for this latest leak. My Little Pony episodes are events that give a special feel to the Saturdays they're on, and this inevitably dilutes them. Although I know where to find the episode, I won't be giving any clues and I won't be watching it until the proper day. I'd be really happy if you did the same.


  1. I just noticed the link that someone had posted elsewhere. Personally, although I don't watch it during the streamed versions, I still would much rather wait. I quite like the little search to track it down later, knowing I've then got it to watch on Sunday morning, so I won't be following that link!

    1. Apparently it was actually an official error: the episode was put up on (American) Google Play early. Still, I've seen it now. And... well, if you've seen it you'll know why I feel a bit frazzled! :P

    2. Ahh, fair enough. Hopefully it isn't something that'll happen again though. :) No, I haven't had time to watch the new one yet, but I'm hoping to in a few minutes. I did notice a certain Weird Al is involved though, and I remember him all too well from the Transformers movie in the 80s. So I can imagine it'll be "interesting" if nothing else.... ;)