Friday, 13 December 2013

Stationery on the way to the UK at last?

MLP lockable notebook
Note the dreaded Pinkie vector hiding away at bottom left
I picked up the "Lockable Secrets Book" you can see above in a local branch of Poundland today. It's a hardback notebook, about 16 by 11.5 cm in size, with 30-40 lined pages inside. The "lockable" feature is not really worth bothering with as the keys are tiny and the lock is flimsy... but for a quid, who's complaining? More interestingly perhaps, maker Blue Sky Designs seems to be planning to release more stationery. (I say "seems to" as their website hasn't caught up with reality.) This is a great development if so, as some people – including me – have been screaming for MLP:FiM stationery for a long time. More, please!


  1. Ah, that's the one I saw in the Merry Hill land of pounds, most definitely. So at some point I think I'll have to invest in one of these, before they all disappear. They do look nicely designed and colourful, and I'll be very interested to see what other goodies turn up eventually. With luck sooner rather than later.

    Just wondering though, it says "Rainbow" and seems to say "MA" under it. I'm guessing it has more letters, or is the MA bit just squiggles that look like letters? :)

    1. If you ignore the locking bit and just treat it as a notebook, I think you'll probably quite like it. A shame about those sticky-out catches, but they're stuck on tight and can't easily be removed without damaging the book.

      Ah, the curse of the camera flash. :P That text actually says "Rainbow Magic".

  2. Ohhh I see. RD would be very pleased I'm sure! ;)