Wednesday, 18 December 2013

November IDW comics sales figures: f-arrr better

Part of the cover of MLP:FiM issue #13
Rainbow Dash always buckles in swash
No, that subject line is not a typo! This month's comics sales figures have taken forever in coming out, presumably because of Thanksgiving getting in the way at the end  of last month, but at last we have Comichron's table to consider. Last month, as you may remember, IDW's finest didn't do so well, and I speculated that the very late-month release meant that the low sales numbers for the main series would be another blip. Thankfully, it would seem that I was right about that. The pirate-themed issue #13 reached no. 56 in the chart and sold an excellent:
Set against last month, that's a fairly ridiculous rise of 50.5%, so let's compare it with the non-dodgy September figure. Even then, there's been a rise of 8.8%, which is very pleasing indeed. In fact, in terms of both outright sales numbers and chart position, issue #13 is the best performer for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since issue #5 way back in March. Moving on to the Micro-series, things are very slightly less rosy. Spike's issue was always likely to be a tough sell; he hit no. 111 and shifted:
Again, we can't compare directly with last month (because there was no micro; we got the Equestria Girls annual instead) but compared with September it's a fall of 10.9%. That makes this the worst selling of the micros, although it's only a few hundred copies shy of the number the CMC sold. And the two Pony comics are once again IDW's best sellers, well ahead of third-placed TNMT's 17,000 or so. All in all, I think the comics have had a pretty good month. Perhaps the main series was helped by pirates, or simply by the return of the TV show.

Finally, the Art Gallery sold 6,028 copies to make the top 300, at no. 272. Not bad considering its slightly more specialist appeal. The graphic novels department was quiet last month, with no new titles appearing in time to shake things up. Vol. 1 of My Little Pony Tales added 472 copies at no. 245 to go past the 4,000 mark, while vol. 2 of the main series collection made no. 262 and put on 442 extra sales, taking it through the 5,000 barrier. Next month, I expect to see the Luna micro doing better than Spike's, because, well, Luna, and hopefully the main series continuing to hold up.

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