Tuesday, 13 August 2013

July IDW comics sales figures: still IDW's best sellers

Two of the covers for issue #9 of the MLP:FiM comic
Oddly, Sweetcream Scoops isn't gazing at Big Mac here
This is the time in each month when we have a gander at the sales figures for IDW's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comics. As ever, I've taken the numbers from Comichron; and as ever, I remind you that they cover sales to North American comic shops. You could probably add on a thousand or two to account for UK sales, but I'll keep things consistent and use the figures I have. Main-series issue #9 reached no. 66 — identical to #8's position — and sold:
This represents a pleasing rise of 6.2% over last month's issue, which I suspect is down to the identity of its creative team. There are plenty of good artists elsewhere, but Cook/Price/Breckel is without doubt the most popular combination with the fandom as a whole. The comic itself is also very good, which can't have hurt! July also saw the release of the final Mane Six micro, starring Applejack. This placed at no. 103 (down 13) and sold:
AJ's micro couldn't quite match the success of the popular Pinkie Pie issue which preceded it: this represents a 3.4% fall since last month. I felt it had a rather generic storyline, which may not have helped. Nevertheless, it's hardly disastrous, given that Applejack generally gets less love from the fandom as a whole than Pinkie does. Oh, and just to mention in passing: the graphic novel collecting #1 to #4 inclusive sold another 672 copies, taking its total above 6,000.

Despite the slight fall for the micro, the Pony comics remain IDW's top sellers. In fact, this month they qualify for that honour by a very wide margin. The company's third best selling comic in July was X-Files Season 10 #2, which sold 16,729 copies. To put it another way, Big Mac's comic sold more than double the number of copies that any non-Pony IDW book did last month. Those who predicted this series would be a flash in the pan look like being wrong, I'm pleased to say!


  1. That's really encouraging news. Okay, the AJ spotlight may not have done as well as some of the others, but I guess that was always going to be the way. Certain characters would pull in more fans, so I would imagine the CMC and Celestia spotlights would - in theory - do better. (And the sales for a Discord spotlight would be especially interesting!)

    Considering that in a few weeks they'll hit the issue 10 landmark, that's definitely something they can be proud of. Sure, there are comics out there that have got to far higher numbers, but getting to #10 is still a very good start.

    1. Indeed so. I'm in the process of doing some comparisons with other titles, and the results are quite interesting. I'll probably make that up into a post at some point, either soon or after we get to #10's figures.