Thursday, 1 August 2013

In which I finally succumb to the lure of Equestria Girls

My Equestria Girls ticket
Apparently everyone counts as a Student for this showing
Oh yes. Things have changed since I made this post, and it turns out that I'm now going to be free on 10 August after all. So I've decided that I can't miss this opportunity to see ponies on the big screen (even if they are only ponies for a few minutes) and, yes, I've bought a ticket to see Equestria Girls. As you can see, it's showing in Walsall a week on Saturday; not the easiest cinema to get to but not too bad. There should be some other bronies going to the same showing; at least, I sincerely hope so! Will I like it? No idea. :D


  1. I'll be seeing it on the same date but at Bluewater. I remain open to it surprising me and being enjoyable. My youngest is already convinced it'll be awesome though so i'm sure i'll end up feeding off her enthusiasm and joy regardless.

    1. It certainly surprised me! I'll review it when I've seen it officially, but the YouTube version I watched wasn't nearly as awful as it might have been. No spoilers here, but I feel it has more in common with FiM than I initially thought it would.

    2. That gives me some hope. I tend to find tween stuff annoys me more than anything (especially some of the messages that some of the shows seem to have given), but i'll give most things a try at least once. I shall look forward to it :)