Wednesday, 6 March 2013

It's About Rhyme

I went to Birmingham today
To buy the latest comic:
Despite the fact that going there
By train's uneconomic.
Still, there is something rather nice
In bricks and mortar shopping,
And seeing Pony on the shelves
Does get this fan a-hopping.

As usual, 'twas N&C,
The place where I was going:
I'd hoped to get the RI one
With Chrysalis a-glowing.
But Andy Price's variant
Was out, so my excursion
Resulted in just Cover A:
Amanda Conner's version.

Of course, there soon will be a post
In which I'll be reviewing
This issue, number four: I hope
It will be worth pursuing.
Don't worry, please, it won't be long:
That's really no baloney.
I know how hard it is to wait
For new My Little Pony!

(And no, I'm not going to do the entire review in rhyme. Probably...)

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