Thursday, 14 March 2013

A really great review of the IDW comic

And no, it's not mine. Though that is great. ;) The review I'm giving a plug to here is this one, from Adventures in Poor Taste site. It covers the entire first arc of the main comic series (ie issues #1 to #4 inclusive) and is basically the sort of thing I'd do if I were a better writer. The reviewer (who seems to go unnamed) self-identifies as a fan but not a brony, which is fairly unusual, since usually the comic is reviewed either by out-and-out bronies or by general comics people who haven't previously seen much of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in any form.

The mysterious reviewer assesses the comics very fairly, I think: there's some criticism of what's summarised as "fanbase baggage", and the point is made that the comics are much more fun to existing fans of the show. On the plus side, Reviewer X is a big fan of Katie Cook's approach to telling the story and calls Andy Price's artwork "amazing". I don't think many of us would disagree that the Cook/Price team has proved to be an outstanding one for MLP:FiM. The review scores the arc as a whole at 8.5/10 — but it's well worth reading for yourself.


  1. And a very fine, and detailed, review it is too. I noticed that the reviewer made a mention of how dark the story is at times. Including of course the "splatter" image, which I can imagine struck a lot of fans as very dark, and totally unexpected. I didn't realise though that the same creature does turn up at the end, with Spike, which was quite a good idea. But even so, it was a pretty shocking moment, and I think to some extent needed so that you got a real sense of just how dangerous and nasty the queen is...

    I also notice that in the comments, a certain troll by the name of JBomb had left an intellectual appraisal of the review. It would be a terrible shame if "someone" had left a comment back....

  2. Oh yes, I did see that a certain Ted had left a comment there. Tut. What are Bundys coming to these days? ;)

    1. About 25p by my reckoning, on Ebay. ;)