Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Pony Music Library 54: "Kindness" (4EverfreeBrony cover)

I'm back from my holiday in Scotland (which was fantastic, apart from the ~100 midge bites) and ready to ease myself back into Pony stuff. There'll be a small Ponyfic Roundup tomorrow, but I'll start off with another PML induction.

What? "Kindness"

Who? 4EverfreeBrony

Which? Cover

When? March 2018

Why? A song that isn't even three months old wouldn't normally be considered for the Pony Music Library – but this one is special, so much so that I bought it on Bandcamp without hesitation. It's a cover of the AcoustiMandoBrony classic "Kindness" from January 2013, a song I've always liked but somehow never quite loved, despite it being about Fluttershy. This version, though, was an instant favourite right from the jangly guitar intro. 4EverfreeBrony's voice fits so well, the guitar solo is perfect, the drums add to the melody but aren't too intrusive... yeah, I do love this version. I've listened to it dozens of times already, and as such it's going straight into the PML. :)


  1. Since you posted this, I've been meaning to go back and give it a listen, but kept putting it off until now. Thankfully I found the time. It's a great sounding piece; kind of a 'best-of-both-worlds' of AcoustiMando and 4Everfree. Whilst not my favourite piece of his, I still wouldn't mind at all hearing it a bunch more times. :)

    1. Yeah, that's a good description. I've also got solo songs by both of those that I like more, but the combination does seem to work well. :)