Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Comic mini-review: Friends Forever #38

MLP Friends Forever #38 sub cover showing Luna, Celestia and their pets
Can we please get Tiberius in the show?
The grand finale of the Friends Forever series was delayed for quite a while, and my review is even later! But here it is at last, with the Royal Sisters taking centre stage. Unusually, Andy Price wrote this comic as well as drawing it; he obviously likes writing as this is one of the wordiest comics in the series. Although the inclusion of Kibitz as a major supporting character explains this to an extent, I still think it goes a little far. The Princesses' pets, always fun, are particularly good value this time, while Rarity and Sweetie hark back to their "Sisterhooves Social" days as a contrast to Tia and Luna's bickering. There's also a nice Pinkie/fourth wall gag at the very end. It's a solid, entertaining way to round off Friends Forever, but that wordiness does drag it down just slightly. As such, a high three-star rating feels right. ★★★

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