Saturday, 21 February 2015

That S5 premiere date rumour

Okay, so a couple of days ago, the IMDB page for S5 of FiM was edited to put its release date at 4th April. Now, we all know to take things on IMDB with the annual salt output of Middlewich, but this rumour does actually seem to have some legs. It's Easter Saturday, for a start, and a holiday weekend would be a decent place to start a season. Also, given that EG3 is now confirmed for the autumn, an early-April start date would give the S5 finale room to breathe before the film arrived. Rather like what happened with S4 and Rainbow Rocks, actually.

I rather suspect that the first I'll know of a confirmed release date for S5 is when someone notices it in their TV listings guide, a happening which should only be a few weeks away. But if it is 4th April, then it'll be interesting to see how much busier things suddenly become. I'm willing to bet we'll hear rather fewer "The fandom is dying!" laments from then on. (Not that it is anyway. A fandom with 516 new fanfics posted on Fimfiction in the last week is not "dying" in any way I would understand the term.)


  1. Personally I think the 4th of April is more likely as it's Easter weekend when all kids are off from school.

    1. More likely than what? That's the same date I'm considering here! :P

  2. Sorry I meant to say most likely, auto correct strikes again!