Sunday, 25 January 2015

A strange little stat on comics sales

The first half of the recent "The Good, the Bad and the Ponies" comic arc sold over 26,000 copies, making it the most successful My Little Pony comic to appear for many months. The second half of that same arc sold a mere 17,000 copies, making it the least successful main-series issue ever. Admittedly Christmas may have interfered a bit, but one moral you could draw would be: don't mess up a potentially brilliant arc by including a Twilight characterisation beyond all bounds of stupidity.

In happier comics news, we have confirmation that April will be Villains Month for Pony, with IDW releasing a comic on all five Wednesdays. The villains included will be Sombra, Tirek, the Sirens, Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon, so not a bad little collection! I'll certainly be getting hold of these, and I just hope the creative teams can do justice to this wonderful concept.

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