Saturday, 29 March 2014

And a couple of fanfics of my own!

Title picture for "This Fragment of Life"
Twilight's just read "This Fragment of Life"
Yeah, I'm advertising my own stuff here again. As Twilight once nearly said: this is my blog, and I'm gonna write it! Anyway, since my Self-promotion is magic post almost a year ago, I haven't in fact become entirely inactive in the writing department. I've completed two (admittedly short) stories and I have a third project on the go. I'm actually in the early stages of writing a longer story, but that won't appear for quite a while so I won't go into any details here. These aren't marked out of ten: I do have some sense!

This Fragment of Life by Loganberry
Twilight and Rarity
Romance/Tragedy/Random; 1,927 words; Mar 2014; Everyone
This is a strange little piece, but it's proved to be easily the most immediately successful I've ever written: for a little while it was top of FIMFiction's Heat list for Tragedy-tagged stories. It's not a conventional Tragedy, but then it's not a conventional anything. It opens with Rarity comforting Twilight on the sudden end of a relationship – but even that elegant mare of the world is startled by what she's about to hear...

For an Angel to Pass by Loganberry
Angel, Fluttershy and Rarity
Sad/Slice of Life; 1,579 words; Mar 2014; Everyone
Quite probably the saddest story I've ever written, in any fandom. This is the gentle tale of what happened when the strange but strong partnership of Fluttershy and Angel was broken, and what it was like to be left behind. Unlike a lot of Angel-related fanfic, this story is very much sympathetic to the rabbit. Told in first person, which isn't something I've attempted in a ponyfic before.

And now I'm going to break my own rule regarding fanfic and link to an incomplete piece. But as it's one of mine, you can lump it. :P

Friendship is Poetry by Loganberry
Listed as Mane Six, though really it's just about everypony
Random; 2,313 words; ongoing; Everyone
This is a frankly completely ridiculous pet project of mine: to write a poem about every single episode of Friendship is Magic. And yes, that means a minimum of 91, with more to come if we get Season 5. So far, I'm about halfway through S1. Many of the poems are inspired by real-life poetry, though not all. As you read through, you may be able to work out which episodes I like and which I don't!

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