Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ponypic: Scootaloo Milkshake by Scootalo0

Scootaloo Milkshake by Scootalo0, CC by 3.0
Scootaloo Milkshake by Scootalo0, Nov 2012. CC by 3.0
Okay, I know this is hardly an original idea for a picture, but I think it works really well in this case. The fact that it features Best CMC certainly doesn't harm things, and the milkshake just tops it off. Also, yes, the artist's name is a bit on the confusing side! But I suppose you can't have everything. I have a strange hunger for a milkshake myself now. Alberto Frog, where are you? (Yay for obscure retro British TV references...)

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