Monday, 24 June 2013

S2 cast poster in the UK monthly mag!

S2 cast poster from inside the UK MLP:FiM mag
So, does this mean that Apple Bloom's destiny is to be yet another princess?
Since the IDW comics started appearing, I've almost stopped buying the monthly My Little Pony magazine, which is aimed fairly and squarely at the show's target audience. (Despite said show barely having been shown in the UK...) In all honesty, I have better things to buy with £3.99 or so. But this month there was a reason to buy it: thanks to Chrisgotjar on UKoE, I knew that the centre spread was... well, look at the picture above and you'll see!

This is the Season Two cast poster, devoid of its Hub and Hasbro branding from the original. It doesn't quite contain everypony who appeared in S2 — Rarity's parents aren't there, for example — but it comes close. And the little details make it pretty obvious that it was put together with bronies in mind. On the down side, you do get staples in the middle. But hey, where else can you get this poster in the UK? Unless you import it, just about nowhere!


  1. I noticed! A cousin brought the magazine for her daughters and it was quite a surprise to find that poster sitting in the middle. And the free gifts seemed quite nice this month, or at least the ones she found on her daughters copy. (An MLP fan, of the wafty variety, and a yellow face mask.)

    1. My face mask was a sort of reddish gold colour, but I squished it accidentally. :S The fan is surprisingly good for a free gift, though.