Friday, 5 April 2013

Second time BUCKy

BUCK ticket
And yes, my name is indeed [grey smudge]. Why do you ask?
I did warn you about the puns, so no complaints! Anyway, after a bit of a (late) winter mess-up on PayPal's part — which can be summarised as imposing conditions that would have made it impossible for the BUCK organisers actually to pay for the con — the only option has been for them to refund payments made up to the 29th and ask attendees to go through the purchase process again. The new setup uses Stripe, which is brand new to the UK, and judging by my experience should do okay for itself. As you can see, Ticketbud's services have been retained, since they did nothing wrong.

PayPal does seem to be dragging its feet just slightly over processing people's refunds, but the word is that money should be back in accounts by early next week. The BUCK team have guaranteed that anyone who bought a ticket the first time will be able to get one this time, so you don't have to fret that your PayPal refund won't be processed in time. The guarantee is limited to a "reasonable" period, but that's fair enough: you can't really expect to suddenly decide you still want your ticket on 22 August! Anyway, things seem to be getting back on an even keel. Good show, BUCK.

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